Three Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Commercial Roll Up Door In Woburn, MA

A commercial garage door is one of the best ways to provide easy access to a factory facility, which makes receiving deliveries and shipping items as simple as possible. While a standard garage door may be the first thing most people think of, many business owners opt for a Roll Up Door in Woburn MA, as they can be more cost efficient and be installed in areas that are short on space. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a roll up door.

Lift Mechanism

A roll up door can be opened manually or operated using an electronic opener that will raise it with the press of a button. The electric model provides added convenience, but the opener may require additional space and an electrical connection near the installation location. A manually operated unit is typically smaller in size and can be opened with an attached rope or through the use of a pulley system.

Lack Of Windows

A standard door can be constructed with windows, but a roll up version will not have any areas that will provide natural light. Companies that plan to leave the door open or that have access to natural light through skylights can more easily use a door with no windows. Consider the space and determine if a window is necessary to provide additional light on the inside of a warehouse.

Insulated Versions

A standard Roll Up Door in Woburn MA is not insulated, which means it will not protect from extreme temperature changes. An insulated version will be composed of thicker metal and have a spray foam insulation inserted between the metal panels. Areas that don’t experience extreme temperature changes or companies that don’t heat and cool their space can save money by choosing a unit that isn’t insulated.

A door can make any facility easier to access, but choosing the right type can be a complicated decision. Be sure to check out Collins Overhead Door and let one of their expert technicians make selecting a door easier. Be sure to click here to learn more about the various entry options available and make any space more accessible and secure at an affordable price. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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