When Insurance Refuses the Claim, Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Oahu

Car accidents happen frequently and, in many cases, it’s relatively simple to determine who is at fault for them. In some cases, however, the insurance company involved might receive conflicting stories about what occurred. In these cases, a person might find that the insurance company denies their claim and refuses to compensate them for the accident. The person is going to want to talk to an accident lawyer in Oahu as soon as possible to get help obtaining a settlement for their case.

Why the Insurance Company Denies a Claim
Insurance companies can deny a claim based on inaccurate evidence or a lack of it. In some cases, a claim will be wrongly denied. If a person’s claim is denied even though they were not at fault for the accident, it can be difficult to present evidence and convince the insurance company to change their mind and pay the claim. Instead, a person is going to want to seek help from someone who is experienced in handling these types of situations.

How a Lawyer Can Help
A lawyer is able to gather the evidence needed to show their client isn’t at fault. This could include witness statements, police reports, and even video surveillance when possible. Then, the lawyer will send the appropriate legal paperwork to the insurance company demanding a settlement. From there, the insurance company and the lawyer will work to negotiate a settlement. If the insurance company still refuses to settle, the lawyer can take the case to court.

Why Hiring a Lawyer Works
In most cases, a person isn’t going to have the experience necessary to fight the insurance company even if they know they’re right. They also don’t have the weight needed that a lawyer serving legal papers is going to have. A person demanding payment is easy for an insurance company to ignore, but they cannot ignore a court summons. The lawyer has the experience and resources to get results.

If you’ve been in an accident and the insurance company denies your claim, don’t give up. You may still be eligible for a settlement and you can get the help you need from an accident lawyer in Oahu. For more information or to get help for your case, visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com today.

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