When Partners Disagree Over When to Have a Child

When one partner is ready to conceive a child, while the other believes you should wait several years, discussions with the marriage counselling therapist may help each understand the other’s point of view. Agreeing when to bring children into your relationship is extremely important, but on occasions you may be presented with a pregnancy without having any choice in the matter.

Are You Forcing Your View on Your Partner?

One of you may be devastated when the other disagrees over the timing of introducing children into your marriage. When you mix with other couples who already have children or are perhaps pregnant, this can be a reminder that is going to hurt one of you more than the other.

Marriage counselling therapists will help you improve your communication over the subject of having a child or children. Only when you both understand where your emotions and thoughts are coming from, can you properly discuss your differences, which need to conclude satisfactorily.

Seek Help

Because your choices are so far apart, talking to neutral marriage counselling therapists give you the opportunity to say and support your argument with elements of a discussion that you may not have shared directly with your partner, without another individual being present.

You are both going to have to promise that you will open communication about the subject because it cannot be avoided without encouraging trouble into your relationship.

Bringing a new life into a relationship will change the relationship, hopefully for the better, but it is not a subject that can be treated lightly. High levels of honesty are going to be required so that you can both make joint decisions which are going to affect all of you for a long time into the future. At this stage, you may not even know if you can have children. Where you can go forwards together, you will be able to capture the reasons why you have chosen each other as partners and can highlight the positive moves you have taken between the day you met and now.

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