When Quick Action is Needed, Find a Lawyer in Royse City TX

Sometimes things happen, and you find yourself in a situation where having a Lawyer is your only answer. One of these instances is a DWI. A DWI charge is a serious situation that calls for someone with legal training. A DWI can mean the loss of freedom and of dreams. When looking for a Lawyer in Royse City TX, look no further than the Law Offices of Tim Hartley. Their proven successful track record makes them a top choice when representation is needed.

When arrested for a DWI, time is of the essence. A hearing to keep a license must be requested within 15 days of the charge. Don’t delay, as an arrest record and loss of license can affect your future, your family’s future and your finances. If you lose your license for any amount of time, a surcharge will be assessed to reinstate it. You may see increased rates for insurance, fines and fees for court costs, and even jail time. Your family’s security can be compromised and your future earning ability can be reduced or limited. You don’t want your future pursuits to be limited or reduced, or your dream’s destroyed by hesitation or lack of legal representation.

The Law Offices of Tim Hartley have a wide range of experience successfully handling cases that cover criminal and felony charges, DWI, DUI, drugs, juvenile charges, probation issues, traffic matters, personal injury cases, dog bites, sexual abuse, cases of slip and fall, white collar crime and wrongful death situations. No matter the scope of your case, they are well versed, ready to meet your needs and provide you with the representation that you require. From minor charges to serious ones, they can provide the right resources to insure your best chance at resolution.

A Lawyer in Royse City TX can provide you with the quality services when you most need help. Don’t let a DWI turn your life upside down or stop it in its tracks. Make sure that you have the representation you need, with the right support and resources to cover the scope of your case. Please, don’t hesitate, as your future depends on quick action. For more detail contact Law Office of Tim Hartley.



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