When to Change Kubota Filters in Seattle

Kubota equipment is designed to last, but just like any other heavy machinery, it needs to be cared for properly. Most people are aware their vehicles need an oil change approximately every three months or 3,000 miles. However, when it comes to large equipment, regulations are different. For instance, you will find you need need to change Kubota filters in Seattle based off time ran, rather than how far you have driven the machinery.

The First Change

Just like your average car, your Kubota tractor will go through a breaking in period when you first purchase and start using it. This means the oil and the Kubota filters in Seattle will need to be changed more quickly the first time around. Kubota recommends you change the filter and the oil after the first 50 hours of use. For some owners, this could be within the first week or two, depending on usage. For others, this first change may be further down the road.

Subsequent Changes

After this initial change, you will next need to change your Kubota filters in Seattle at 200 hours of operation. This will set the regular intervals at which the oil and filters should be changed for the lifetime of the machine. For every 200 hours of operation, it is important to change the filters to ensure the oil can flow freely and be filtered of any contaminants that can reduce the efficiency and the longevity of the machinery you use.

Kubota filters in Seattle aren’t all that different from changing your oil and filters on your car, but the intervals are much different. Rather than looking at the span of several months or distance traveled, you will need to keep close track of the operating hours. These hours will dictate when changes need to be made for optimal efficiency.

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