Fun Facts To Read About Copper Before Visiting A Copper Wire Recycling Company in Baltimore, MD

Copper is one of the most valuable metals in terms of recycling. Copper is one of the oldest metals in existence and therefore is privy to all sorts of fun facts and trivia. Here are just some of the neat things to learn before visiting a copper wire recycling company in Baltimore MD.

* Copper usage has been dated by historians as going back all the way to 10,000 years ago. It is one of the very few metals to be used in its original form. In fact, the oldest pure copper item was found in northern Iraq and was stated to date back to 8700 BC.

* Copper has traditionally been used in the architect of massive structures all over the world. The Statue of Liberty is made up of more than 170,000 lbs of pure copper while the Loha Moha Paya temple, which can be found in Sri Lanka, was built using a copper roof.

* The average American home contains nearly 400 lbs of copper in the form of wiring, pipes, tubing, and miscellaneous chips found in household appliances.

* Copper is naturally antibacterial. This makes it a superb choice to use for such things as doorknobs, railings, and other things that are touched by the general public in crowded spaces.

* Copper is a preferred metal among chefs to use for cooking as pots and pans made from copper have the great attribute of heating evenly and not possessing any “hot spots”.

* Copper is also the preferred metal of manufacturers of computer chips and circuitry. This is because it delivers much better conductivity than do other forms of metal such as aluminum. Because of this, chip manufacturers can produce ever smaller circuitry to operate today’s mobile devices and gadgets.

* Copper is one of the few metals that is completely 100% recyclable. Copper that is recycled by a copper wire recycling company in Baltimore MD actually covers 90% of the price that would have been paid to manufacture the original copper.

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