When To Hire A Lawyer For Social Security Disability Insurance in New Bedford MA

Social Security Insurance is something that is deserved for anyone applying for it. Sometimes, however, complications may occur during the enrollment process and claims are denied. Here are a few tips on hiring a lawyer when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance in New Bedford MA.

  • Costs are generally not a complicated factor when hiring a social security insurance lawyer. The fees are regulated by federal law and may not exceed either 25% of the back pay owed or $6000, whichever is less.
  • Hiring a disability lawyer greatly enhances the claim being approved. While it is certainly not impossible to be approved by filing by oneself, the Social Administration will approve more people more quickly who are represented by legal counsel.
  • A lawyer knows all the proper arguments to ensure that the maximum amount of benefits are received. Most people are not familiar with all of the language being used on the application forms and may miss out on potential income.
  • Calling a lawyer as early as possible is in the best interest of the applicant. If the process is too far along, a lawyer may not be able to help. Call a lawyer as soon as possible for a consultation to see what information needs to be provided.
  • If a first denial has been issued by the Social Security Administration, a lawyer is without a doubt needed. A lawyer can help to expedite the process which is especially helpful if the applicant is facing a terminal illness or is in financial distress. While it is not a guarantee that a lawyer can speed things along, it is certainly a better chance than the applicant going it alone.

For more information or to meet with an attorney to consult with an attorney about Social Security Disability Insurance in New Bedford MA, visit us for a confidential consultation. An experienced and focused law firm is what is needed when the time comes to apply for social security insurance disability or when the initial claim is denied. Do not let the money that is rightfully owed be taken away without a fight.

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