Where to Enroll Children in a Hebrew Preschool in Gaithersburg, MD

It is the responsibility of every parent to provide their children with the best possible education. For families where religion is a priority, public schools are not always an acceptable option. Preschool in Gaithersburg MD is a choice that should not be taken lightly. The habits, behaviors, and skills children learn during these early years can determine how they act throughout life. The ability to expose them to other children who are being raised with the same beliefs and traditions can help them enormously. All children want to be unique, but not so much that they cannot fit in with their peers. When they are in a good quality preschool that lets them learn at their own pace, but with other children who are living life consistent with the teachings they are learning at home, they will feel comfortable and accepted.

Preschool in Gaithersburg MD needs to be caring, warm and comforting. The programs must offer a varied education that includes the appreciation for specific religious teachings. They should have class sizes that are small enough to allow each child the individual attention they need, but be large enough to let them have the opportunity to socialize and learn how to behave in a classroom environment. Problem solving, independent thinking and confidence are just a few of the skills they should be able to take away from these programs.

At B’nai Tzedek children are offered exceptional educational programs that are fun and exciting for young students. Children as young as six months can take part in these classes that are all carefully designed to match the abilities of each age group. With this type of learning opportunity, children are able to advance on to school with confidence in their abilities and a strong educational foundation they can build on.

Once children have advanced beyond their preschool years, they and their parents are welcome to join in on other religious educational classes. These help to ensure that every family member is provided with the knowledge they need to respect and appreciate their heritage. Non-congregation members are encouraged to apply to the preschool and will be provided with a free one-year membership to the congregation.

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