Where to Get Heavy Duty Truck Brake Parts in Hays, KS

Those people who drive trucks for a living have a great responsibility of delivering goods to the various parts of the country that will go into merchant’s shops for customers to purchase. Therefore, they must be extremely careful that they do not end up in a horrible accident and damage the products, as well as risking their own lives. They must ensure that everything is working properly on the truck, and this especially includes the brakes. A supply company that sells heavy duty truck Brake Parts in Hays KS has information that truck customers may want to know.

What to Know about Truck Brakes

Brakes used on large trucks, such as the dump trucks and tractor trailers are not like the brakes that are used on passenger vehicles or light cargo vans. For one thing, heavy duty trucks employ what are known as air brakes, particularly for those trucks which pull more than one trailer, to give the truck more braking control. The entire braking system has service brakes, parking brakes, an air storage tank, and a control pedal, all which must be in pristine order to function safely.

Other Things to Know about Heavy Duty Truck Brakes

Parts that are related to the intricate braking system of large trucks include the air brake foot valve, the air brake relay valve, the trailer brake relay valve, the trailer control valve and the spring brake cylinder. They also include the air dryer, the truck air compressor and the four way protection valve. Such a delicate system requires for the truck driver to have a place where all these parts and more can be easily accessed.

Where to Purchase the Truck Brake Parts in Kansas

Truck Parts & Equipment Inc has been providing truck part solutions for customers in the Hays, Kansas area for more than 80 years. Any parts that are needed for heavy duty trucks, including parts for the braking system are available at the supply store, and they also have mechanics to work on the trucks. If there are any truckers in need of Brake Parts in Hays KS, they can get more information on the supply company at the following website, You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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