Dealing With DUI and Serious Accidents With a DUI Law Attorney in Twin Falls ID

The first time a person is arrested and charged with a DUI, they need legal representation to help them avoid the maximum penalties. This is even more important if there was an accident as a result of their choices. A DUI Law Attorney in Twin Falls ID can help them try to minimize the added penalties that are possible with a DUI that leads to a serious accident.

Basic Penalties for a DUI

If a person has not been convicted of a DUI in the past, they are facing up to six months in jail, up to $1,000 in fines and penalties, and 90 to 180 days with a license suspension. If they already have a conviction, the penalties can be up to five years in jail, $5,000 in fines and penalties, up to five years with a suspended license, and the requirement of an IID (interlock ignition device) when they are able to drive again.

Added Penalties for a DUI With an Accident

If the person is arrested due to being tested after an accident, there is a possibility their penalties will be more severe if they are convicted. They are more likely to receive the maximum penalties based on whether they have prior convictions. They could also face additional charges, such as involuntary manslaughter if the accident results in the death of the victim. This has much harsher penalties and could lead to a significant amount of jail time.

How an Attorney Might Help

Even if there seems to be significant evidence and that it’s likely the person will face the maximum penalties, there is quite a bit a lawyer can do. They will try to have the charges dismissed or lowered where possible. They can also try to have the judge order treatment instead of jail time so the person can get help if they have an alcohol addiction instead of just spending time in jail.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI after causing an accident, you need to speak with a DUI Law Attorney in Twin Falls ID immediately. They’re going to do as much as possible to help you minimize the impact this will have on the present and your future. Schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer about your situation now.

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