Who Could Use the Services of a General Lawyer in Lewes, DE?

Just about everyone will need some type of legal assistance from time to time, and when that happens, scheduling an appointment with a general lawyer in Lewes, DE is a good idea. Here are some examples of how the lawyer can help.

Creating a Last Will and Testament

Whether an individual has vast financial holdings or barely owns enough furniture to fill a one-bedroom apartment, the need for the last will and testament exists. Many people assume that whatever they leave behind automatically goes to the next of kin. That is not necessarily the case. In order to ensure there is no confusion about what should be done with everything from the money in the checking account to the stamp collection, it makes sense to talk with a general lawyer in Lewes, DE and work out the provisions of a will.

Negotiating a Settlement After an Accident

That car accident led to a few days in the hospital. Even before the individual is released, representatives from the responsible party’s insurance company are making phone calls and shoving documents down the throat of the injured person to sign. Put a stop to all that by contacting a lawyer and arranging for all contacts to be routed to the legal counsel. That sets the stage for being able to obtain an equitable settlement without all the hassle.

Problems with an Employer

All is not well at work and the individual believes that some of the activity may not be acceptable in the eyes of the law. One way to find out if this is the case is to gather some evidence and consult with a lawyer. If there are things taking place that are not in compliance with current employment laws, the lawyer can take the case and ensure the client is protected.

For anyone who could use some legal advice or help with a specific problem, contact us today. After learning more about what is happening, it will be easy to discuss possible plans of action with the client. Best case scenario, the resolution will be swift, effective, and it will ensure that the rights of the client are protected at all times.

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