Why Choose Trenchless Pipe Repair

Whenever you have a water or sewer pipe problem, you may be facing a very serious issue. Most people who envision the repairs that they will have to deal with, see a lot of digging in their future, a lot of time, and a lot of people and equipment all over their yard. While this alternative is certainly better when compared to the problems they are there to solve, it doesn’t make the process pleasant. Luckily, there is almost always improvement in any given field, and now there are more options for fixing your pipes. Some of these options fall under the heading of trenchless pipe repair in Jonesboro, and both are definitely worth checking out.

Replacement and Repair

One of the new types of common trenchless pipe repair in Jonesboro is called pipe bursting. This process begins with two small holes, dug at either end of the broken pipe, and continues with a new pipe that is shoved through one of the holes and on through the inside of the old pipe, eventually bursting the damaged pipe, and ultimately replacing it. The new pipe is the same as a traditional replacement, but the installation doesn’t require the same heavy machinery, the same amount of digging, or the same investment in time and manpower.

A Solid Plan

The second type of trenchless pipe repair is one called cured-in-place piping. A long flexible pipe liner made of resin is inserted into the old pipe. This liner is very thin and doesn’t burst the old pipe or move it; it just slides into place inside of it. The new pipe then cures inside over time, thus forming a solid seal and fixing any cracks or damages the old pipe might have suffered. It does reduce the diameter of the pipe by a small amount, but not a large enough amount to affect the ability of the old pipe.

What’s Best for You?

These are both great options for trenchless pipe repair in Jonesboro. The best option for your property may depend on your situation. Discuss the pros and cons with a professional. Visit website for more information.

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