What To Expect During Car Accident Injuries Treatment In Ferguson

In Missouri, car accidents could lead to serious neck, back, or head injuries. These conditions could create severe pain for patients that is long lasting and prevents them from working. To mitigate the complexities of these conditions, a chiropractor provides a comprehensive care plan to address all underlying symptoms of the condition. A local chiropractor provides Car Accident Injuries Treatment in Ferguson for these accident victims.

Full Exam and X-Rays

The clinician conducts a full examination of the affected area. They review the patient’s symptoms to identify an underlying cause for their pain and discomfort. The clinician acquires x-rays of the affected area as well. Once diagnosed, the chiropractor prepares a comprehensive care plan for the patient.

Choosing the Right Therapy

The chiropractor offers a variety of therapies that offer long-lasting pain relief. They review the area and identify the right therapy to stimulate natural pain receptors. These receptors increase the production of dopamine which is a natural feel-good hormone. The hormone combats pain and lowers discomfort levels. The chiropractor may use spinal manipulation, traction, massage therapy, or acupuncture to achieve natural pain relief.

Exercises to Increase Range of Motion

The doctor will also provide an exercise plan based on the source of the pain and the injury. The exercises are used to increase the patient’s range of motion. This is necessary for the recovery period. It can help the patient recover at a faster rate and return to their normal daily routine without surgery.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet may also play a role in the recovery from the injury. The doctor provides a meal plan made on the patient’s existing medical conditions. The diet can help them lose weight and acquire more from the foods they eat.

In Missouri, car accidents could present patients with lasting pain and discomfort. Their injuries could prevent them from returning to work immediately. A chiropractor helps the patient lower their recovery time through a variety of therapies and exercises. They also address the role of nutrition in the patient’s recovery. Patients who need to schedule Car Accident Injuries Treatment in Ferguson can Contact Back And Neck Care Center for an appointment right now.

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