Why Install A Commercial Motorized Gate?

There are several reasons to have a Commercial Motorized Gate installed. Gates can be used at delivery areas, entrances, parking garages, parking lots, apartment building complexes, business centers, industrial parks, and private property as well. They provide safety in a number of ways. The vehicle has to stop before entering or exiting through the gate. That prevents a driver from speeding into, or out of, a parking lot, garage, or complex. Pedestrians, children playing, and other vehicles passing by have time to get out of the way or time for the driver to see them.

Preventing accidents and injuries may not always be possible, but the seriousness of injury and damage to property may be decreased as speed would not be a factor. That fact will also decrease liability in the event of any accidents. Safety is also increased because control of who enters the area is maintained. Access is limited by an attendant who opens the gate, a key card given to tenants, a code number for employees, other means of selected access, or locking the Commercial Motorized Gate. The gate also secures the area, any equipment or merchandise on the property, and the property itself against theft, vandalism, a disgruntled employee, or unauthorized personnel.

A motorized gate can also help increase revenues from parking facilities. It allows any attendant or computerized pay system more time to read the card and collect the proper parking fees. Without a motorized gate, drivers can simply hand over a card or ticket with minimal payment and speed off. The payment may be far less than it should be, with no immediate recourse. A driver will not risk damage to their vehicle, injury, or arrest, by attempting to crash through a motorized gate.

Gates come in all sizes and types, so one can be found to suit any need. They can be full gates, half gates, or an extended arm that goes up and down. Gates can swing out in areas where there is plenty of room, or slide open or roll up if space is limited. There are also many materials from which to choose to get the look desired. Check out Rkoshirodoor.com for information regarding the sale, installation, service, and maintenance of gates.

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