Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim with an Accident Attorney in Sacramento, CA

California business owners are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, which covers the full cost of medical treatment for work-related injuries. They give the injured employee immediate access to coverage as soon as the accident occurs. An accident attorney in Sacramento, CA helps these workers if the insurance refuses.

Reviewing the Outcome of Workers’ Comp Claim

All workers’ compensation cases require a claim’s adjuster to examine the documentation. The adjuster determines if the worker qualifies for these benefits based on their injuries and the needed recovery time. If they are qualified, they’ll receive full benefits to pay for their treatments and receive a percentage of their income while recovering. If they don’t qualify, the adjuster denies the claim.

The adjuster must provide an exact reason in which the claim was denied. The worker may hire an attorney to file an appeal. This action challenges the reason selected for the denial of benefits.

Filing an Appeal for Benefits

The appeal requires a new assessment of the claim. During this process, the insurer must re-evaluate the claim and determine if the worker’s injuries qualify under the policy. They must also calculate the benefits that the worker should receive. If the outcome of the appeal is that the worker was eligible, the insurer starts payment of these benefits to the worker immediately. If not, the last course of action is to file a workers’ compensation-based lawsuit against the employer and their insurer.

When to File a Lawsuit Against the Employer

The worker must secure full records of their injuries and all treatments received. They need extensive details about their injury, including how it will affect their job performance and the needed recovery. The worker must file the lawsuit before the statute of limitation runs out in their case.

California business owners must take responsibility when a worker is injured and they are required to purchase insurance for these occurrences. Their policy must provide medical treatment and financial benefits. For employees that are denied these benefits, legal action may be necessary. Workers who need to hire an accident attorney in Sacramento, CA should contact Sevey Donahue & Talcott. They are equipped to deliver adept legal assistance to victims of vehicular accidents. Visit website for more information.

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