Why IT Companies Need To Consider Sales Coaching

While every company can benefit from training and helping their teams, most IT companies ignore sales coaching because they don’t think it applies. It is true that you may need to hire someone who has the skills to help such a diverse group, but the benefits are many. When you train someone, you tell them what to do, but when you coach someone, you explain why they do what they do, what they should do, and make sure it gets done. Information Technology is so different that most people don’t think they sell anything. However, they may sell services, such as support or fixing computer problems, as well as products, such as hardware and software.

What You Need

It’s best to find sales coaching for IT companies specifically. For example, finding a coach that helps retailers may not be an exact match because your business deals with a variety of other things, including services, repairs, and more. They should be familiar with your industry, whether it’s about working on equipment or selling products. They will likely be able to help with management, as well as regular employees and may help your team learn about various strategies, accounts development, conversions and more.

How You Benefit

Coaches are there to develop the team’s skills for selling products or services and helping them understand the different approaches they may require. For example, your tactics may be different if you’re selling a tune-up service and want people to sign up for regular tune-ups every three months versus if you sold them a refurbished laptop. They may also be able to help you learn how to simplify what you’re saying without talking down to customers. While some may be techies, most people won’t understand the lingo, such as OS or what antimalware is.

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