Why No First-Time Defendant Can Afford To Be Without Experienced DUI Defense Lawyers in Chandler, AZ

In an effort to address the problem of drunk driving across the country, the criminal justice system has begun handing out harsh penalties for those who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. However, not everyone who gets charged with a DUI is deserving of those harsh sentences. Unfortunately, many defendants-;especially first-time defendants-;have no shot at fighting the charges without the help of a qualified attorney. Read on to find out why no first-time offender should be without legal representation in their DUI case.

Pointing Out The Issues

Many first-time DUI defendants are falsely led to believe that an automatic conviction is inevitable. While this isn’t necessarily the case, an inexperienced defendant will need to hire DUI Defense Lawyers in Chandler AZ, who are familiar with the most effective defense strategies. Because attorneys understand current laws, they’ll be able to identify problems with the breath test results, police reports, or the prosecution’s overall arguments. Being able to point out these issues could mean getting charges dropped or mitigation of fines and penalties.

Negotiating Plea Deals

If a conviction does seem to be in the defendant’s future, an attorney will have the know-how to negotiate the best possible plea deal. Many prosecutors are reluctant to even deal directly with a defendant in these instances, which makes DUI Defense Lawyers in Chandler AZ, that much more valuable. The defendant’s attorney knows what prosecutors want to hear, and they’ll use that knowledge to effectively advocate for reduced charges, fines, and jail time on their client’s behalf.

License Suspension Hearings

A license revocation after a first-time DUI offense can mean being unable to drive for a year or more. DUI Defense Lawyers in Chandler AZ, will be able to prepare a defendant for their license revocation hearing. An attorney who has experience with these hearing knows which defenses are effective and carry weight and which ones do not. Consequently, they’ll be able to present a much more persuasive case to convince the judge the defendant deserves driving privileges.

DUI cases are notoriously difficult to win. However, a skilled attorney can often help defendants overcome the legal challenges they face. For those who need someone on their side to advocate for them during this harrowing time, contact The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. to learn more about how an experienced lawyer can help ensure that justice does indeed prevail.

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