Why Silicone for Baking?

Every baker should have a couple of silicone mats at their disposal. However, if you don’t already have one, you might not be convinced that one of these mats is truly necessary. After all, you’ve used parchment paper for this long – why change now? There are several reasons why silicone mats should be a staple in every bakery. Here are just a few.

  1. Using a silicone baking mat can make your kitchen a bit greener. By cutting down on the use of parchment paper and aluminum foil, you can save money and prevent waste. The non-stick surfaces of silicone mats work just as well as or better than parchment paper, they are easy to clean, and they can be used up to 2,000 times!

  2. The use of silicone mats means less burning or browning on the bottom surfaces of your baked goods. Plus, silicone mats will guarantee more uniformity in your cookies since they won’t spread as much on the silicone surface.

  3. Everyone’s kitchen could use more opportunities for multi-tasking, and silicone mats are perfect for just that. The Gardening Cook points out that a silicone baking mat makes a great surface for kneading dough! You’ll still need to use some flour, but gone are the woes that result from dough sticking to the kneading surface.

  4. Flexibility is key. Having one tool that can accomplish a number of tasks and withstand huge variations in temperatures means less transfer and fewer dishes to wash during cleanup. Silicone mats are designed to endure these kinds of rapid temperature changes – straight from the oven to the freezer, for example.

If all of this sounds too good to be true and you’re ready to grab a few silicone mats of your own, head over to a site like NY Cake where you can choose from mats in a selection of shapes and sizes. See for yourself why silicone is great!

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