Why to Choose Channel Letters in Arlington, TX

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Business

All business owners understand the value of clear and attractive signage in front of their business location. The look of the sign will influence how people view the business itself. The sign is also a part of a company’s branding and is how many people will locate the business. Obviously, since so much is at stake, it is important to make smart choices about how it is designed and who performs the work.

By choosing Channel Letters Arlington TX companies are able to have the ability to create a stunning piece of art, rather than just a basic sign. The versatility of this method ensures that every company will have something that is unique to them. This three-dimensional design is eye-catching and exciting. It is made to stand out from the building where it is attached to draw attention from passers-by.

With this method, nearly any color can be used, so every company can have the sign designed to perfectly match their own logos and company colors. The materials are specially chosen to stand up to the elements they will be consistently exposed to and remain true to their original design.

With Channel Letters, Arlington TX businesses can decide how to light their signs as well. Many choose to install backlighting for a dramatic effect. The signs can also be internally lit to provide visibility from a distance even in the middle of the night.

These signs are most commonly made of aluminum, although some components may also be designed in plastic. Both materials are used due to their durability and because they will remain rust-free. Innovative computerized programs are used to create the exact dimensions and curves in each letter and logo, so the finished product is perfect every time.

To see how amazing a business can look with a professionally designed and constructed channel sign, contact Legacy Signs of Texas. Their design team is the most experienced and talented in the business, and they guarantee the quality of every sign they have created. They offer a portfolio, full of examples of their previous accomplishments. Call them today to learn more about the company, the warranties they offer and to get an estimate for any signage need.

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