Why to Continue Drug Testing in Cincinnati, OH

With the approval in Ohio of marijuana for medicinal use, it may seem unnecessary to continue with drug testing programs. However, just because someone is allowed its use marijuana for health reasons does not mean everyone is free to do so. It also does not mean that employers have no say over what is allowed on their property. There are very valid reasons employers would want to keep this type of testing program in place.

Maintain Professional Image

Every business wants to present the best possible image to their clients. This is why so many provide their employees with uniforms, have specific dress codes, and enacted drug policies in the first place. Continuing with a testing policy lets everyone know that the company is strict about the quality of the service they provide.

Boosting Workplace Safety

Medicinal use of marijuana does not mean that all drugs are allowed or that being under their influence on work property is acceptable. There are serious safety concerns when employees are not fully in control. It is still important to insist on Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH after an accident or if someone appears intoxicated during work hours. Enforcing policies encourages everyone to follow the expected safety standards.

Keeping Costs Down

Testing makes it possible to know who should be operating specific equipment and who should not. The determination to keep people safe helps employers that want to avoid expensive lawsuits, prevents employees from experiencing injuries on the job, and keeps insurance rates low.

Following the Law

State laws may have changed, but the laws of the federal government have not. Anyone with employees that are contracted for government work sites must maintain a no-tolerance policy for drug use. This includes the medicinal use of marijuana as well. Failing to follow this law could cause the employer to lose their contracts and face additional penalties.

Every business has a right to protect their reputation and demand a certain level of professionalism from their employees. Drug testing policies are still needed even with marijuana becoming more accepted in mainstream society. Click here to learn more about how to receive fast and accurate testing of all employees. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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