Washington DC Indian Food Often Contains Yogurt, Just as the Cuisine Does in India

In Washington DC Indian Food is available at excellent restaurants where omnivores, pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans all can find plenty to enjoy. People who aren’t very familiar with this cuisine will have a fascinating time perusing the menu and will probably come up with several questions about it. For instance, why do so many Indian meals feature yogurt as an ingredient? That’s not a typical component of most North American dishes, especially those with meat.

In North American cuisine, yogurt is more commonly eaten as a sweet food after the fruit has been added to it. Sometimes sauce recipes call for a bit of yogurt to give it a tasty sour flavor and to add thickness. It’s not nearly as prevalent as it is in Indian cooking, however.

In Washington DC Indian Food may include yogurt for its savory quality as well as for adding healthy protein to the meal. People who don’t want to eat a lot of meat in their diet may substitute yogurt for its protein, calcium and other nutrients. Since many residents of India are vegetarian or limit their meat intake, yogurt is a natural fit for the diet. Statistics indicate that about 30 to 40 percent of India’s residents are vegetarian, and a substantial percentage of the omnivores do not consume meat regularly.

Flavoring and Texture

Yogurt’s relatively mild flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of buttermilk blends well with other common ingredients in Indian cuisine. That has led cooks to make it a key component of many dishes. For instance, yogurt is a complementary flavor to curry sauces, which are very prevalent in this diet. When curry sauces are created to be hot and spicy, yogurt is soothing and calms the fire. The ingredient also adds a creamy texture to soups and sauces, which is desirable for various recipes.

Part of the Dietary Lifestyle

Even when the main dish does not include yogurt, the person enjoying the meal is likely to cap it off with a small bowl of the dairy product. It’s simply a part of the typical Indian eating lifestyle, which can be experienced at a Washington DC restaurant like Heritage India.

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