How a child support lawyer can help in Douglasville, GA

When two adults who have a child together split up, the court can mandate that the other parent who the child is not living with pays child support. Douglasville, GA court systems are the same and will require that the noncustodial parent pays a portion of their income to the parent of the child. This makes it easier to pay for raising the child and the income goes towards clothing, food, shelter, and other necessities. When it comes to getting a fair amount of child support Douglasville, GA parents can hire an attorney to help.

Help with obtaining child support

If the child is not currently receiving any child support monies from the parent who they are not residing with, they have a legal right to seek these monies through the court system. However this process is made much easier with the help of a child support Douglasville, GA lawyer. An attorney who is fluent with the family laws in the local area can provide guidance and insight into the process and will make certain that a favorable ruling is possible.

Assistance with raising the amount of child support

If the custodial parent becomes aware of a change in income that the non custodial parent has experienced, they can request an increase in child support. This increase will go to support the raising of the child and will ensure that a fair amount is going towards them every month. A hearing can always be requested to determine if the other parent is paying their fair share.

Reducing the amount of child support paid

In the event that you are the parent that feels they are overpaying in child support, you can get the help you need from your local child support Douglasville, GA lawyer. They will provide you with the legal representation that can benefit your case.

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