Why would a dentist use a crown?

A dental crown, often called a “cap” is a dental restoration that is used to return a tooth to its original shape and size, to strengthen a tooth or to improve the appearance of a tooth. A dentist will turn to dental crowns in Downers Grove when a tooth has reached the point where is cannot be filled properly but has not reached the point where it is has to be extracted. If a tooth is cracked a crown is placed over the tooth thus reinforcing it and sealing the crack. Crowns are often employed to support a bridge, to cover badly shaped or worn teeth as well as for cosmetic purposes where the teeth are badly discolored.

As dental crowns fit over a tooth, the target tooth must first be prepared by reducing it in size. Once the tooth has been filed and ground the dentist will take an impression, the impression is used by the dental laboratory to make a plaster duplicate over which the crown is made. During the time it takes for the crown to be made the dentist will fit a temporary over the tooth. Once the crown is finished the dentist removes the temporary and fits the permanent crown onto the tooth.

In the event a tooth is severely decayed or damaged as a result of an injury or poor dental hygiene it may be a constant source of pain. Fitting a crown to the tooth is reasonably simple for the dentist, they can be used for numerous reasons, they are often used when a tooth has worn down, improve the shape of an irregularly shaped tooth or cover teeth so discolored that conventional teeth whitening will not work.

Dental crowns are made from porcelain, gold, metal alloy or resin. If the affected tooth is one which is viable the majority of patients opt for porcelain, gold and other alloys are used in the back of the oral cavity where they are normally hidden, metal is also stronger which makes the material more suitable for use on those teeth that chew and grind food.

Porcelain crowns as well as those made from ceramic or resin is popular, they look natural and can be colored to match adjacent teeth. The only problem with dental crowns in Downers Grove made from these materials is the fact they are less durable than metal, often they have to be replaced after several years.

Dental crowns in Downers Grove are an ideal solution to teeth which are discolored, misshaped or cannot be filled. To discuss the various dental options available you are invited to make an early appointment with Elite Dental Care.

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