Why You Might Need Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD

Because commercial trucks are on the highway practically all the time, it makes sense that there will be numerous accidents on the road involving these trucks. Thus, the chances of the everyday driver getting into an accident with one of these trucks also increases. If a person is unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident involving commercial trucks, it’s likely a personal injury lawsuit could be in order. There are commercial truck accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD who can help injured parties figure out what they are entitled to.

What Must Be Done After the Accident

After the injured party has been involved in the accident with the commercial truck, the first thing they should be aware of is how much time is allowed to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. In Maryland, an individual has three years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in a Maryland civil court. Failure to do so will result in the injured party’s lawsuit not being heard, and any damages that might have been awarded will be gone.

What the Commercial Trucking Company’s Insurance Might Do

Parties who sue a commercial trucking company for a personal injury sustained in an accident with one of the company’s trucks might be surprised to find the responsibility turned back on them. In Maryland, a rather strict law called “contributory negligence” can be claimed by the company’s insurance company. If it is proven that the injured party was even one percent responsible for the accident, they will be able to collect nothing in terms of damages. To try to avoid this, the injured party needs to secure an attorney who is well qualified.

An Attorney Who Can Help

The Law Office of Danny R. Seidman has been providing personal injury solutions for clients involved in truck accidents for more than 25 years. Clients will want to take advantage of the initial free consultation to find out if they have a case. If any parties are looking to speak with commercial truck accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD, they can visit the attorney’s website at www.dseidmanlaw.com.

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