Why you Need a Child Support Attorney in River Forest

Many studies have shown child support is the difference between living in poverty and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for low-income families. Even in situations where each parent is able to earn a good paycheck, child support is still a necessity.

It is unfortunate that many parents ordered to pay child support will actually view this as a punishment. Every state factors how much support they feel is necessary based on the average costs to feed, shelter, and clothe a child. These payments are often how medical care is paid for, along with school supplies, college funds and more.

Nearly one in four children in the United States is being assisted by a support program where the state will enforce payment from the noncustodial parent and transfer it to the parent who has custody. This lack of cooperation between parents to be able to do this type of process on their own shows why most people will need a Child Support Attorney in River Forest.

You can hire a Child Support Attorney in River Forest any time you need assistance. Many people only consider this a necessity during a divorce. But, many divorces are completed without any definitive agreement on support, or the amount agreed on becomes inadequate. Changing life circumstances, where one parent has health problems or loses their employment, may necessitate an adjusted order.

A Child Support Attorney in River Forest is also needed by couples who have never been married. As more people are having children outside of marriage, relying on just a divorce proceeding to decide the matter is obviously an outdated solution.

With a Child Support Attorney in River Forest fighting for your rights, you will be able to understand what the state regulations are as well as find all of the solutions for receiving support. This is true even if the noncustodial parent lives in another state or has refused to declare their income. Attorneys will make you aware of all of the resources available to you if problems arise months or years down the road.

If you are in the process of a divorce, or if you have an order for support which is not adequate or not being followed, contact an attorney today. Never risk the security of your children because you are afraid to ask for help.

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