Why You Need Guaranteed Print Management Services in Charlotte

If your Charlotte NC business does a lot of printing, it can get expensive and time-consuming. When you have to pay for maintenance and repairs, the costs can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why many companies are turning to print management services (PMS) that have the most guarantees. Here are some of the best guarantees to look for, from a PMS.

No Limits

Some PMS companies set limitations on how many maintenance visits you can receive without paying more for the services. However, the best companies give you an unlimited amount of service. For example, if you have a three-year agreement, they come to your place of business as many times as you need them and there are no added fees.

Loaner Program

It’s very frustrating to have a good printer, but you can’t use it because the maintenance service has to order parts. In fact, most companies can’t afford this kind of downtime, because it could last for longer than a week. This is never a problem with the best print management services. They offer loaner printers if yours will be down for more than a day, and they don’t charge extra.

Guaranteed Response Times

Suppose your printer isn’t working or it’s having problems on Monday. You call your PMS, and they tell you they’ll be there by Wednesday or Thursday. This kind of downtime can hamper your business. When you choose one of the best print management services in Charlotte, the average response time is about three to four hours when you need emergency service. If for some reason they can’t get there in four hours, you’ll receive a credit on your account for your trouble.

Trial Periods

The top PMS companies let you try equipment for 60 days. If it’s not to your liking, all of your payment can go toward an upgrade or system you want.

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