Reasons Why So Many People Choose Ophthalmologists to Perform Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS

Medical doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating problems with the eyes are known as ophthalmologists. Their range of services is very broad. Those with training in plastic surgery can perform Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS for either cosmetic or medically necessary reasons. Eyelid surgery is medically known as blepharoplasty.


One common reason for this surgery is to rejuvenate the person’s appearance. Older skin around the eyes tends to sag and can develop bags underneath as well as fine lines and noticeable wrinkles. The lines and wrinkles make the face look older, and bags give the impression of fatigue. Many people prefer going to an ophthalmologist for cosmetic blepharoplasty because the operation takes place on tissue so close to the eyes.

Drooping, Heavy Lids

Another reason is to resolve the issue of drooping or heavy upper eyelids. These lids can eventually become so problematic that they actually disrupt vision, especially the peripheral vision that is so important when driving. Heavy upper eyelids can make people feel tired with the effort of keeping them lifted. If the ophthalmologist verifies that the lids have been interfering with vision, the patient’s health insurance likely will pay for the surgery.

Age Considerations

Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS is commonly called an eye lift, although that is somewhat of a misnomer. Nevertheless, one aspect to consider is that if the eyelids are cosmetically enhanced, an eyebrow lift may be advisable as well so the look is consistent, especially if the patient is middle-aged or older. Most patients who seek surgical help for heavy lids are age 60 or older.

The Procedure

The lift, as performed at a clinic such as Grene Vision Group, may involve removing excess tissue that has developed as well as tightening the skin around the eyes. Wrinkles are dramatically reduced and bags disappear. The eyes are able to open wide again because the lids no longer hang down so far over them. Dark circles under the eyes also can be significantly reduced so the person no longer looks tired and ill all the time. Call us today to ask questions about the procedure.

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