Signs Lighting Repair in Miami, FL is Needed

Homeowners rely on their lighting fixtures to ensure things remain illuminated. Unfortunately, these fixtures may also fail because of some type of electrical issue. While changing the light bulb may be enough to fix the problem in some cases, in other situations more extensive repair is required. Some of the signs it is time to call the professionals for Lighting Repair in Miami FL can be found here.

Strange Sounds when the Light is Turned On

If the electrical current is flowing into the lighting fixture properly, it won’t create any noise. However, if there are gaps in the circuits, it can result in the current jumping, which can create popping, buzzing, and humming noises. If a homeowner notices that a light fixture makes strange sounds when it is turned on, it may be because of a broken wire or connection. There may even be visible sparks. If this issue is noticed, it is best to call an electrician for Lighting Repair in Miami FL right away.

Heat when the Light is Used

A lighting fixture that is properly installed and well-maintained will minimize ambient heat when it is turned on and used. If the wattage of the fixture is exceeded, or there isn’t enough insulation present, the homeowner may begin to notice warm areas. If this issue is not addressed, it may result in the fixture overheating, especially if the light is turned on for long periods of time.


A light may begin to flicker if there is a larger circuit gap. This usually occurs because the current is unable to jump fast enough to stay steady. In some situations, a bulb that is loose can also cause flickering and the homeowner should check out the bulb before they call for professional repair services.

Any time there is some sort of lighting issue present in a home, it should not be ignored. It is best to have an electrician inspect the problem because, if it is not fixed, it may lead to an electrical shock or even a fire. More information about lighting issues and when to call for service can be found by contacting the staff at Bates Electric Inc.

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