Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Newsweek says there were about 4.4 million people who suffered from injuries caused by vehicle crashes in 2015, by far the biggest increase in traffic deaths in 50 years. That speaks of a growing number of car accidents on the road. Given those numbers, it’s wise to make sure you’re prepared as much as possible. Here’s why you should hire a personal injury lawyer after you get into an accident:

There’s a deadline

In some states, victims of car accidents need to get themselves checked over within the first 14 days. The claim must be filed within a certain period. If you fail to comply with those requirements, you’ll end up losing your window of opportunity and you will no longer be able to file for a claim. That means getting the ball started as soon as possible, which includes hiring legal help and assistance for your case.

The law is complex

Dealing with personal injury law on your own is daunting task. It’s complex and could be confusing for someone with no legal background. Don’t want to waste time and energy trying to get through the legal jargon? Hiring a lawyer eliminates all those problems so you have someone to help you understand what all those terms and clauses mean.

There’s a ton of paperwork

Legal cases often require a ton of paperwork. Incomplete or wrongly-filled out forms could be sent back, delaying the case. By working with a lawyer right from the start, you have someone to review your submissions to make sure everything’s all right as well as have someone to guide you through the paperwork. That means zero mistakes and filing errors, ensuring no delays in the process.

It’s stressful

Recovering from serious injuries is going to be hard enough. Dealing with the stress and inconvenience of a legal case just adds to your problems. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you have someone to stay on top of your case while you focus on your recovery.

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