Window Repair In Homewood Should Be Performed By Experienced Carpenters

Windows can add value and curb appeal to a building. One of the main reasons windows fail to work properly is when they were poorly installed. Lost heat and air conditioning will add an owners energy costs and allow insects and other unwanted things into a building.

When a window isn’t working properly, an owner should consider Window Repair in Homewood or replacement. Minor repairs like broken window locks can usually be easily repaired. If a window is not closing properly, the window could be bowed or bent from improper installation and might need to be replaced.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows can save an owner up to 30% on their energy costs. In addition to replacing windows, an owner can have Window Repair Homewood performed. The windows can have weatherstrip and caulking installed to eliminate drafts.

Window treatments or coverings will help to reduce energy loss and reduce heat entering the building from the sun. Awnings, exterior blinds, and solar control film will also help to improve the efficiency of a window.

Types of Windows

When an owner is choosing what types of windows to install, they can change the appearance of an area by picking a different style of window for their home. The types of windows to choose from include:

  • Awning

Bay and Bow






And specialty windows.

Features Of A Window

Every window is not manufactured equally, and an owner should choose what features they want in a window before replacing them or contacting a company about Window Repair Homewood. The frame design, glazing type, gas fills, spacers, screens, and other features should be given a lot of consideration before purchasing a window. An experienced window installation company will help an owner through each step of the process.

Energy Star Rating

Windows that are Energy Star qualified, usually meet or exceed the codes for energy requirement. The energy rating should be considered for the location of the window installation. A window in the warmer climates will require different rating and features than a home that is located in the north.

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