3 Funeral Services That Honor a Special Life

Funeral professionals recognize that every life is unique, so they offer a range of services that can be tailored to personal needs. Businesses like Florida’s Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Homes and Cremation Services take pride in crafting especially personal memorials. Some of their most popular options include the custom celebration of life plans, Veterans’ funerals, and green cremation programs.

Celebrations of Life Tell Unique Stories

Clients who want Funeral Services that Honor a Special Life often combine simple cremations with professionally coordinated celebration of life events. Carefully trained and caring professionals will put together any kind of event that customers request. Programs range from casual gatherings to complete dinners with champagne toasts. Friends and family often contribute photos and other treasures and display them on memory tables. They can add their own music, poetry, quotes and even meaningful food and drink. Experts listen to families and make suggestions that help craft memorials which reflect and honor lives.

Eco Friendly Cremations Reflect Beliefs

Green cremation plans are popular among those who want Funeral Services that Honor a Special Life. Eco friendly options appeal to families making immediate need decisions as well as those who pre-plan funerals. Most choose a hybrid, eco-friendly option that provides a memorial service in a chapel, followed by cremation. Arrangements also include a biodegradable urn, hand-crafted willow branch basket, plantable programs, forget-me-not seeds and an online guest book. Clients can tailor green programs to their own needs and many incorporate burial at sea or ash scattering ceremonies.

Veterans’ Funerals Honor Military Service

Established funeral homes take pride in honoring the lives of Veterans. The finest businesses pay tribute at every step. The containers holding Veterans’ bodies are always draped with American flags and coaches include emblems of their branches of service. Arrangements also include an honor guard, a patriot’s walk (a double row of flags) at the cemetery and a memorial certificate signed the President.

The finest funeral businesses understand how important it is to honor individual lives. They offer a range of ways for families to do that. Some of the most popular options include earth-friendly funerals, Veterans’ services and personalized celebrations of life.

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