3 Ice Sculpture Ideas for Your Winter Parties

Parties need a little sprucing up, but every idea seems to be taken already. Surprise everyone at your winter party and use an ice sculpture to tie in your party’s theme and add some cool elegance. Here are three functional and fun ideas to wow your party guests with a little help from Long Island Ice and Fuel.

Use it for Dual Purposes

Not only is an ice sculpture in any form beautiful and majestic because of the skill that goes into shaping ice, but it can serve two functions. Use your ice sculpture as a food buffet as well. If you have cold food, make an ice buffet that serves a dual purpose. Have raw oysters, chilled shrimp and succulent king crab atop ice in your ice sculpture. It will make a statement and you will also have more places to put fresh food.

Flower Centerpieces

Flowers do quite well in ice, and make the sculpture look elegant, yet it is very simple. You can make them as small or as large as you like. Ice can be shaped into a vase where you rest flowers, or you can actually have the flowers frozen inside of the ice, even to make a pattern. There is also an option to make an ice globe with the flowers like a bouquet inside of it. Flowers are a simple touch that can make a block of ice fun and festive.

Keep the Drinks Cold

This is becoming increasingly popular. Pop your favorite alcohol into the ice sculpture with a little spout at the end and you have some chilled liquor. Or have the centerpiece have an open top and throw in some champagne bottles for later. You will have a cool entertainment and it will save the alcohol for later in the evening. It can also be in the shape of an alcohol bottle or even a wine or martini glass for a little fun.

Whatever shape or purpose you intend for your sculpture, it will be sure to impress your guests. Make sure to incorporate your theme and keep it fun. Keep it classy and have a professional do the sculpting. Long Island Ice and Fuel is the premier choice for quality ice products.

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