3 Important Ways to Care For Dentures in Waimanalo

You may be using dentures if all or some of your permanent teeth have been removed or have fallen out. Dentures come in either complete form or partial form. Complete form is meant for those missing all of their natural teeth and partial form is meant for those missing anywhere from one to a few of their natural teeth. Whether you have full or partial dentures, it is important to follow the proper care for Dentures in Waimanalo.

Daily Cleaning

Dentures need to be cared for just like natural teeth need to be cared for. Like natural teeth, dentures can build up plaque and they can stain. Make sure to brush dentures at least twice daily with a special cleaning brush and paste. Alternatives to dental paste are hand soap and mild dishwashing detergent. They will help remove stains, decrease the chances of infection and irritation, and keep the dentures looking pearly white. Always make sure the dentures are not in your mouth while performing the daily cleaning regimen. When taking the dentures out at night, place them in their storage/cleaning case and soak them in a half water and half vinegar solution. Rinse them thoroughly before placing them back into the mouth. This will remove bacteria and plaque from the artificial teeth.

Handle With Care

Dentures are fragile and can easily be damaged. They also are quite expensive. Make sure to be as careful as you can when handling dentures. When carrying them from one area to another, place them in a clean dish rag or towel. When placing them in their storage or cleaning case, make sure to gently place them down without knocking them into anything. It is also important to stay away from toothpicks, extremely hard foods, and hard brushes or harsh cleaners. These hazards can cause the dentures to chip or break.

Visit Your Dentist

Dentures or not, you still need to visit your dentist regularly. Visiting your dentist will ensure that your gums and oral tissues are up to par and in good health. A dental visit will also give the dentist a chance to see whether the dentures are still a proper fit for your mouth or whether they need adjusting.

Follow these three important tips to ensure your Dentures in Waimanalo remain undamaged, flawless, and radiant for many years to come.

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