The Importance of Oil Tank Testing and Tank Removals in Westfield, NJ

Oil tanks can often be a source of concern. This is mainly because they may crack or leak over time. If this issue continues without attention, the problem can become severe and result in costly repairs. Before knowing if tank removals in Westfield NJ, is needed, a company will need to be called for oil tank testing.

There are a number of reasons an oil tank may need to be tested. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. To convert from an underground tank to an above ground tank
2. If a sudden increase in total fuel oil consumption is noticed
3. If routine maintenance of the furnace shows that there is water present
4. To apply for a protection plan for the tank
5. If changing carriers for homeowner’s insurance
6. For anyone selling or buying a home

One of the most commonly used methods for tank testing is to test the soil. The soil will be tested to determine if any oil is present. Once the results of the testing are gathered, the company will be able to determine if tank removals in Westfield NJ, is needed.

The storage tank that is under the ground may be a liability for a number of different reasons. The tank may begin to corrode or to leak into the surrounding soil, which can lead to the homeowner having to pay for a quite expensive cleanup. Regardless of whether the tank is leaking or not, the presence of a tank can stall, or even kill, a possible real estate transaction.

The process for removing the tank will be based on several factors, such as the location and orientation of the tank, the tank’s size, and conditions of the property around the tank. Talking with a professional service will help ensure that the proper method for removal is used.

More information can be found when a homeowner takes the time to Contact Reel-Strong Fuel Co. Here, all the details around oil tank removal and its importance can be found. Knowing what to expect can be quite beneficial and help a homeowner learn why it is so important to have the soil tested.

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