Air Conditioning Service in Warsaw IN Helps Keep the System Environmentally Friendly

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

People who are concerned about environmental issues, including climate change, may feel a little guilty about having central air conditioning in their home. They enjoy the comfort but worry about adding to the urban heat effect and about wasting electricity on something that’s technically a luxury. Instead of avoiding running central air on hot summer days, they might consider other ways to be friendly to the environment and cut back on their carbon footprint. One way is to schedule Air Conditioning Service in Warsaw IN when they have their annual furnace maintenance, cleaning and inspection done.

Heating and cooling companies encourage homeowners to have the central air systems inspected and maintained just as they have this work performed for the furnaces, but many people don’t bother. They assume that since they don’t run the central air nearly as often as the heating system, that it shouldn’t need attention. However, getting the system cleaned by an Air Conditioning Service in Warsaw IN and replacing any worn parts helps the central air run more efficiently, thus using less electricity.

Setting the thermostat a bit higher than usual when running the central air also helps, since the system doesn’t have to run as much then. The homeowner might try moving the temperature up one degree and see whether that is still comfortable. If so, the temperature can continue to be moved up a degree per day until the comfort level drops noticeably. The system also doesn’t have to be set at a low temperature when people aren’t home for several hours.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a dual exhaust fan, which is useful for those days when the daytime heat is excessive, but the weather cools down nicely at night. The fan blows warm air out of the house and brings the outdoor cool air in. It doesn’t have to be run very long to accomplish this task, and this allows people to avoid running the central air throughout the night.

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