3 Tips for Choosing Cremation Boxes in Clinton CT

Choosing a cremation box for a loved one can lead you on a long, drawn out search for the perfect fit. There are many different sizes, styles, shapes, and colours to choose from. To help make your decision a little easier, listed here are three tips to get you on the right path.

Decide on Burial or Keepsake

When choosing Cremation Boxes in Clinton CT, you will want to first know whether or not it is going to be buried or kept as a keepsake. If it is going to be buried, there is no real need to invest in the most elaborate box available as it will not be looked upon regularly. If it will be used as a physical memorial of your loved one, where anyone and everyone can see it, you may want to look into a more decorative box; many have carvings or etchings in them or simply look like a vase that can sit prettily on a shelf.

How Big Should it Be?

After you have decided whether or not the cremation box will be buried or kept out for everyone to see, you can decide on the size of the box. Some families opt to have a single box or urn of a decent size to sit upon a shelf; others decide to divide the ashes into several small urns or boxes so many people can have a keepsake piece of their loved one. Ultimately where you decide to display your loved one’s cremation box is going to determine how big or small you wish the box to be. For more information visit guilfordfuneralhome.com.

What Material Should You Use?

There are many different materials used in the making of Cremation Boxes in Clinton CT. Some common materials used include wood, ceramic, granite, copper, bronze, brass, glass, porcelain, and marble. In the end your budget and the style box you want is going to determine which material will work the best.

Cremation urns can range from simplicity to extravagance depending upon your wishes. As you look into the different styles and materials available, know how you want to use it and have a basic idea in your head. If you have questions about the available cremation or memorial services, contact Guilford Funeral Home. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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