An Auto Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL Makes Sure Victims Don’t Get Shortchanged

A car accident can instantly change a person’s life, and for some, the change is a permanent one. In some cases people may be left paralyzed or they can suffer from permanent brain damage due to the injuries. Other people only have their lives temporarily changed, but the changes still can have devastating consequences: being out of work for a couple months due to injuries can cause a person to become homeless, since those few months could lead to debt that would take years to deal with. Fortunately, an auto accident lawyer in Mobile, AL can help people get some type of monetary compensation to help deal with changes after an accident.

Understand that getting compensation for a victim of a car accident isn’t usually easy since insurance companies have skilled professionals who are tasked with finding reasons not to pay on claims. When an injury victim doesn’t have a lawyer, they can be an easy target for insurance representatives who are trying to look for holes in their stories, and this is why accident victims shouldn’t feel any pressure to discuss matters with an insurance representative. The first thing a person needs to do is contact an auto accident lawyer in Mobile, AL so that all matters go through the lawyer; they have a lot of practice when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

Settlements can be tricky, they may seem like a lot, but it can easily be too low once all things are considered. If a $20,000 settlement is offered to someone who might have future medical bills, is the money really enough? People with head and back injuries need to wait until they have been properly evaluated before taking any settlements, since there could be complications that aren’t detected until more tests are done. The severity of some brain injuries isn’t known until years after the injuries have happened, hence, people who suffered brain and back injuries should definitely contact Gene T. Moore or another qualified lawyer to get legal guidance.

Once a settlement has been completed, a person doesn’t usually get a chance to do it again. Lawyers have to be contacted soon after an accident so that injury victims don’t get shortchanged when it comes to their compensation.

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