Lengthening the Bed of a Dodge Ram Quad Cab in California

Many years after its introduction, the quad cab configuration of Dodge’s Ram truck remains one of the most popular vehicles in its class. The quad cab Ram is a favorite of contractors and landscaping specialists, who find that the room it provides for extra passengers makes it more versatile and useful. It is also highly popular among family-oriented buyers, where the additional two seats the quad cab affords can be perfect for younger children to come along with their parents.

On the other hand, that is not to say that buyers do not occasionally have gripes with the truck. Owners of the Dodge Ram Quad Cab in California sometimes complain about its relatively short bed, because the extra interior room of truck is obtained by shortening the length of the open cargo compartment. Keeping the same wheelbase that generally serves Ram owners well in other configurations, Dodge turns out the quad cab version of the truck in a form that involves some compromises.

However, there are actually ways of improving the factory-issued Ram. Owners of the Dodge Ram Quad Cab in California can opt to have aftermarket specialists work on the bed, lengthening it while preserving everything else about the Ram that so many buyers are attracted to. Compared to the purchase price of the Ram, this work is not especially expensive, either, making it frequently a good option even for those on limited budgets.

Companies like Precision Bodyline will offer to extend a Ram’s bed by enough, in fact, to make up for all the room that the quad cab’s extra seats normally occupy. They can do so in seamless enough ways that the work will not be visible afterward, with the lengthened bed looking great and functioning every bit as smoothly as the factory stock one.

Of course, a truck modified in this way will tend to handle a little differently, whether loaded or not, because the changes to its body also result in a shift of its center of gravity and other characteristics. In practical use, though, that tends to matter little, as a modified vehicle can be every bit as safe and reliable as a regular Dodge Ram Quad Cab in California.

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