Are Your Customers Worried About Water Meter Installations?

Some customers will believe that the installation of new water meters will only lead to an increase in their water bill. This may be true for customers who waste water and do not fix leaks quickly, but for everyone else the water meter installation cost, which is met by your utility provider, will bring customers regular accurate bills and less hassle.

Can Customers Install Their Own Water Meters?

The simple answer is no. State laws require that portable, drinking water, systems, cannot become contaminated, which is why they require experts of their own nomination, completing the work. The water meter installation cost is not passed onto the customer direct, although the overall cost of running a water business must be met by its customers, through regular billing.

Utility providers can ensure that the water meter installation cost is kept to a minimum by using one professional service provider throughout their trading area. This has the advantage of allowing one company to spread some of their capital costs over a high number of installations.
Does Your Customer Have a Water Meter Now?

Depending upon where you live, it became law that all new buildings were required to install water meters. Also, where a problem occurred with a water service at a property, the old-style fixtures were replaced with water meters.

Some customers may not know whether they have a water meter are not. They are not always easy to find. Some are installed and accessed from a street position, while others are located inside the property.

Most states have agreed on a date in the future where every water consumption, domestic or business, is managed by a water meter.

Customers operating with old-fashioned water meters can ask their utility company if they are willing to exchange the meter for a more effective smart meter which sends detailed information, digitally, direct to the utility business. The advantage of this is that the customer can easily analyze their usage of water within their property and receive accurate bills, which are almost always available online with a secure login.

Utility companies can make easy applications to find out about water meter installation costs from professional companies. By pointing out to their customers that they can save water by understanding how much they are using, effectively, the water companies might end up billing less to their customers as they save dollars with their reduced water usage.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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