Choosing a Vault Burial Container in Indianapolis, IN

Almost all Indianapolis funeral professionals will mention a burial vault when they help clients pre-plan or arrange a funeral. That is because the average cemetery requires a Vault Burial Container in Indianapolis IN. However, there are several types of containers available, you can order from different sources, and you may not need a vault in certain situations.

Cemeteries Require Vaults for Burials

When a casket is buried in a standard cemetery, it must be encased in a protective vault. This process protects the casket against the earth’s weight and the heavy equipment that is used in cemeteries. A Vault Burial Container in Indianapolis IN also keeps the earth from sinking above graves. Despite the fact that all vaults are protective, not all are the same grade. Many are reinforced and made from durable bronze or copper. They provide long-term protection from the elements. Standard models are made from less expensive materials but still offer protection. Basic vaults have less reinforcement but meet cemetery requirements and they protect bodies. Simple, concrete, box-like grave liners also satisfy cemetery regulations.

You May Be Able to Shop Around

However, you can actually shop around for one that meets all health and cemetery codes. You may choose your own if you think you can get a quality product at a good price or you want a custom style that is particularly well made. There are many funeral supply companies that offer an array of products.

Not Every Funeral Requires a Vault

Vaults are not required when bodies are interred in crypts or mausoleums. Nor are vaults, or even caskets, needed for “green” burials. These eco-friendly arrangements are becoming popular and being offered by many funeral homes. Bodies are wrapped in shrouds and buried in natural settings. They decompose naturally, returning to the earth.

A funeral that involves traditional interment in a cemetery requires that a casket be encased in a vault or grave liner. Funeral homes sell a variety of containers that can be customized, but customers are free to supply their own regulation vaults. Interments in mausoleums, crypts, and green settings do not require vaults.

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