Choosing the Right Roses for a Funeral

Of all the flowers in the world, it seems roses have inspired the most songs, and they are surely one of the most enduring symbols of love. Perhaps this is why they are also a popular choice in flower arrangements for funerals in Miami. Their captivating blossoms and soft petals are a reminder of the beauty of life. If you’re wondering which roses are appropriate, and what each color represents, you can find out here. The most important part of selecting roses for a funeral, however, is finding an arrangement that truly reflects your heart and honors the memory of the deceased.


Red Roses Symbolize Love

Red Roses are a classic floral that symbolize love, and in the context of a funeral, grief. These flowers are appropriate in funerals for nearly any person. They can be placed in flower arrangements for funerals in Miami in the form of bouquets, sprays or vases. Beyond love and grief, red roses can be seen as representative of grace, courage and beauty.


Yellow Roses Symbolize Friendship

Roses that are yellow may be used in flower arrangements for funerals in Miami, but they are more commonly given as gifts to the family of the deceased. Yellow symbolizes friendship and spirituality, so friends of the family can convey their condolences with a bouquet or other arrangement. Yellow roses are a beautiful way to celebrate the life, spirit and companionship of a friend.


White Roses Symbolize Reverence

One of the most popular floral choices available, white roses are symbolic of reverence and youth. These attractive flowers are a common presence at funerals because of this and because of their beauty in an arrangement. They are appropriate, also, for friends and family to bring and either give as a gift or adorn the casket with. Their versatility may be part of the reason they are a staple of many funerals.

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