Common Signs You Need Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX

If your home begins to develop specific warning signs that your house is not level, or there is an issue with the foundation, they do not need to be ignored. Unfortunately, foundation issues and houses that are not leveled are not uncommon. The foundation of a home may move down, which is known as settling, or up, which is known as heaving, for a number of different reasons. However, being aware of the warning signs that a problem is present, is essential. Some clear signs that you need a professional service for Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX are highlighted here.

Cracks in the Slab, Foundation or Basement Walls

These are all an obvious sign that you will need to seek a professional company for repair in order to prevent any type of further, and more expensive, damage to the foundation of your home.

Doors and Windows that Stick or are Difficult to Open

Have you noticed that your doors and windows stick, or are becoming increasingly difficult to open and close? If so, this may be a warning sing that you are in need of foundation repair. It is important to have this situation evaluated in order to rule out this serious problem.

Cracks in the Brick Mortar or Bricks

One of the main and most visible signs that you have a foundation issue and need professional Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX is if there are cracks present in the mortar or bricks on the exterior of your home. If this issue is left unfixed, it can eventually make your home uninhabitable.

Interior Wall or Drywall Cracks

The hairline cracks that are present in your walls are a clear indication of a foundation issue. It is important to call for service at the first sign of these tiny, yet annoyingly obvious cracks.
It is essential that you understand the most common foundation issues, and when you need to call in a professional for assistance. Click here to read more information on foundation issues and why these are problems that should not be ignored. This may make the difference in the health and longevity of your home.

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