Considering The Selection Of Memorial Property

Now that the decision is made to include cremation in the funeral planning, there is the matter of what to do with the ashes. For a time, they can be entrusted to a child or a surviving spouse. At some point, the need for a more permanent solution will become evident. Here are some ideas for Memorial Property that are worth considering.

Interment Options

There is the option of having the ashes interred eventually. This could mean that once the surviving spouse passes away, the ashes of both parties are combined and used in the creation of a memorial bench. The bench can be placed in the traditional plot owned by the family. As part of the design, the bench will include a plaque in memory of the spouses.

Another approach is to install shelving in the family mausoleum. Instead of spaces set aside for coffins, it’s possible to create a space for the urn to be placed. The shelf design can include grooves or recessed areas that help to keep the urn in an upright position.

Memorial Gardens

Another approach is to arrange for the ashes to be scattered in a memorial garden. Gardens of this type often include a wide range of blooming and green plants. The ashes help to nourish the soil, an idea that many people find appealing. In memory of those who choose to have their ashes scattered in the garden, there is usually a wall designed to include plaques that have the names and other basic information about those who chose this approach.

Planting a Tree

Another type of Memorial Property involves using the ashes along with seeds to grow new trees. Early on, a small plaque identifies the individual who chose to be remembered this way. As the tree matures, it is possible to affix the plaque to the tree. This approach can be utilized to create a stand of trees that were planted and nurtured by the ashes of family members and other loved ones.

After settling on cremation, it pays to make plans for the future resting place of the ashes. Talk with the team at Leppert Mortuary & Crematory Services and learn more about the different options. It will not take long to come up with one that is dignified and ideal for what the client has in mind. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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