Do You Need the Help of Personal Injury Attorneys in Bremerton WA?

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Law

Common personal injuries can happen at any time and anywhere. However, there are some accidents more commonly seen than others. It’s important to know the most common personal injury accidents that you can avoid and how personal injury attorneys in Bremerton WA can help if you’ve had the hardship of being in such accidents. Most types will occur when a person acts negligently.

To prove this negligence, you (the injured) has to establish the defendant:

1. Owes the plaintiff: This varies among states. Some states only consider a personal injury being a foreseeable consequence, while other states are set to predictability, the potential magnitude of the damage, etc.

2. Caused injury to the plaintiff: In other words, a plaintiff’s injuries must’ve occurred due to the actions of the defendant and not for any other reason.

3. Is liable: If all above elements are met by negligence and you have been injured or someone has the right to sue, then, you are entitled to recover damages. This is when hiring personal injury attorneys in Bremerton WA is a must.

Negligence is established in these common types of accidents:

1. Motor vehicle accidents;

2. Boating Accidents;

3. Bus Accident;

4. Accidents to pedestrians;

5. Accidents to cyclists;

6. Medical Accidents: including surgical errors, birth injuries, failure to diagnose, malpractice in the ER and other medical malpractice issues;

7. Accidental Slip and Fall: including slip and fall accidents, wet or slippery floor mishaps, etc.;

8. Accidents in the workplace: including diseases like Mesothelioma and severe injuries caused by machinery or equipment;

9. Accidents due to defective products: including diseases caused by food, defective drugs, defective medical devices and children’s toys; and

10. Animal bites.

Personal injury lawyers are accustomed with these types of accidents and they can help determine if there is a valid claim present against the party responsible. Each state has specific time limits where you must file lawsuits in order to recover compensation or forego the injury claim.

Consequently, if you have been injured or know of anyone that has died because of any of the aforementioned accidents, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. For more information contact your local attorney or read more here.


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