Do You Need to Plan the Perfect Day for You and Your Lover?

Planning the perfect day may seem easier then it is. With such a wide variety of things to do as a couple it sometimes can be hard to pick just one. Today let’s look at different types of spas. Whether it’s a relaxing day spa in New York or destination spa in the Hamptons, you will find may kinds of relaxing destinations when you decide to visit the spa. From an hour to an entire day, there is a great option for everyone.

Destination Spa

This is more to get away for a couple of days to a week. For the people who really need to relax due to really stressful jobs or even some extra time away from the kids. These spas help you lead a healthier lifestyle. With better food, spa treatments these types of spa tend to be a bit more on the expensive side.

Day Spa

Somewhere to retreat to for a much needed day of relaxing. These types of spas vary in size, character and services offered. Great to keep in your back pocket incase some big stress comes up at work or in life. Some day spas are connected to noisy salons so be sure to ask this when booking an appointment.

Resort/Hotel Spa

A step up from a day spa when it comes to services offered and quality but can offer a little bit more of a relaxing atmosphere. Coming here can be a tad bit less healthy as far as food choices go but has one advantage over other spas. If you two love to golf or ski/snowboard this will be the best option.

Medical Spa

This will only be for certain couples looking to enjoy the services together. Typically you will be going to one of them for laser resurfacing or Botox injections alongside more traditional services. With Botox becoming more and more popular with both sexes this could be very exciting spa to come to.

Club Spa

A variation of the day spay these are located in fitness facilities and health clubs. These can be rather attractive to come to as an option – if you aren’t looking for the full menu of services a destination spa offers. This option is more for a getting away for an afternoon or couple of hours.

Explore your relationship with each of these spas and see which one best fits your lifestyle and needs.


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