Things You Need to Know About Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is not a new concept although many people may not know the benefits or even what it entails. This is considered to be a more ‘natural’ type of therapy where stones are warmed for a therapeutic massage. These stones that are generally used are river rocks, or even rocks made of basalt. They naturally have a very smooth texture which is quite soothing and comforting. Basalt stones and river rocks hold in the heat for the duration of the massage because they have a high iron content.

Heal Naturally
Heat is a great application to change your body temperature and help the body heal from injuries as well as aches and pains. Using heat has been a technique used for hundreds of years as it is not only comforting but helps with blood flow and relaxing tense muscles. Muscle tension is something that many people carry in their backs due to stress and some may not even realize how tense they are until they undergo a hot stone massage.

Great Detoxifier
Due to the heat, and increased blood flow, the use of hot stone massage is also a great detoxifier. This promotes toxins to be released from the muscles and aids the body to use its self-healing qualities. If you are one to suffer from frequent muscle spasms, you may want to actually consider this form of massage therapy to see the difference in how you feel afterwards. In combination to relax muscles, you will more than likely feel very rejuvenated which helps the mind, body and soul to be uplifted to take on another day.

Not all spas offer this type of massage so if you are interested, it is suggested to call ahead of time and find one that offers a wide range of massage techniques. This is an amazing way to escape reality a little bit and just allow yourself to completely relax.

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