Dodge Bearings Texas: The Dodge Type EXL

If you are looking for a reliable product from a company with a sterling reputation, why not try the Baldor Electric Company. When it comes to bearings, they produce a fine line of Dodge bearings that consistently sell well in Texas, Louisiana and the surrounding regions. One of the latest the company has introduced is Dodge Type EXL.

Characteristics of Dodge Type EXL

This type of tapered rolling bearing bears all the hallmarks of a Dodge bearing. It maintains the high quality and production standards industries in Texas and other American states have come to expect from Baldor/Dodge products. The company produces bearings that withstand the test of time. The Type EXL is no exception. It possesses the following characteristics that ensure it remains popular for specific applications. Among the most noteworthy are the following:

  • Come pre-lubricated
  • Arrive pre-assembled
  • Has misalignment capacity
  • Possesses expansion capacity
  • Uses a cartridge-style inner unit with free movement within the housing
  • Has a split malleable iron housing making it more durable than those of cast iron
  • The inner units are completely sealed
  • Dodge XTS triple-lip seal provides increased protection for placement in unforgiving environments e.g. wet, dusty
  • Tapered bearings allow an increase in load ratings of between 13% and 14% over other previously designed tapered Dodge bearings

These features combine to improve the overall capability of these Dodge bearings. In fact, such aspects as improved sealing, better load ratings, and increased misalignment capacity work together to decrease downtime and increase the overall reliability of the unit.

Dodge Bearings

If you operate a factory in which the conditions are wet or dusty, chances are your equipment could benefit if you choose Dodge bearings. In Louisiana and Texas, many astute companies firmly believe in the durability, reliability, and capabilities of these bearings to withstand harsh environments and demanding conditions.

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