Questions to Ask Potential Food Service Companies

In the restaurant business, your food service company is your lifeline. Without regular delivery of fresh food, you can’t run your business. Here are five important questions to ask any food service company you’re considering working with.

  1. What are your specialties? Few vendors carry all the food you need. Some specialize in meats, while others get the very best vegetables or dairy products. To ensure your menu offers the best foods, it’s a good idea to have a few different vendors so that you can choose the best items from each.
  2. What are your reliability statistics? Reliability is critical in your food service company. If deliveries are delayed or missed, you are in danger of being unable to serve customers. You must ensure that your vendor is reliable before you sign a contract.
  3. What guarantees do you offer? Food safety is one of your most important considerations as a restaurant owner. Your food service company must be willing to stand behind the products they deliver and always offer fresh foods.
  4. How will you deliver value? Food will be one of your biggest expenses as a restaurant owner. Price is important, and value is even more important. Your food service company should give you the best quality of food at the best price. If either of these aspects suffers, your restaurant’s ability to keep customers and make money will suffer, too.

Getting good and positive answers to these four questions can help you ensure you’re getting a food service company that will work as your business partner in ensuring that your customers get quality food every day. Talk to food service companies in Rochester, NY about their services before you sign a contract to ensure your restaurant gets the best food available in your area.

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