Evaluating Companies Providing Military Cable Assemblies

Military and defense contractors generally partner with subcontracting companies when designing new equipment, modifying existing equipment or when retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment in use. As this is a highly specialized industry with a need for precision parts and components that must be dependable and reliable, choosing the right company for military cable assemblies is a must.

There are several differences in military cable assemblies than in other types of cable assemblies used for vehicles, machines, and equipment or other systems. Military products have to be designed to stand up to extreme conditions in including heat, cold temperatures, exposure to sunlight and even exposure to water, high humidity or other similar types of challenges. For aerospace applications, these assemblies will also have to be able to withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a company to design and produce military cable assemblies, it is crucial to consider the experience of the company in working with MIL specs. Not only will this be essential in selecting the right cables as well as the right connectors, but it will also ensure that the entire assembly will be within specifications for the application.

When using a company that is familiar with all requirements as well as with material options, including this expertise with the in-house design team provides an additional level of expertise. This collaborative approach to the initial design will ensure that all assemblies and sub-assemblies are designed with the specific equipment or system in mind, eliminating challenges that can occur when the system is designed with a component by component approach.

ITAR Registration

Always verify the company under consideration for military cables and assembly production is an ITAR registered company. This is an important consideration for US-based companies in choosing a contractor for cable assemblies to be used in military and defense sectors.

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