General Contractors: Who They Are And What They Do

If you plan on building, chances are you need to hire a contractor. General contractors are probably your best bet. As major components in this industry, they are the lynchpin on any construction job. Whether you are designing a major commercial structure in Madison WI or a few tract houses in Apple Valley CA, you can save yourself time, worry and money if you consider what they bring to a job.

What Is a General Contractor?

A general contractor – also known as a project manager or construction manager, is an individual who works in construction either for a company or as an independent. This person should have a degree in construction management. However, the most desirable quality is the experience. How long he or she has been in the business will depend on the position he or she held as well as the type of construction performed.

To be an effective general contractor in Madison WI requires other characteristics. Among the most important are the following:

* Good communication skills

* Excellent decision-making abilities

* Ability to manage their time effectively and efficiently

* Must be able to meet tight deadlines

* Possess a high degree of personal initiative

* Proficiency with the various types of software, including spreadsheet and construction

* Technologically savvy

* Can read blueprints and technical drawings

* Understands and easily interprets for employees the various contracts for the project

Overall, general contractors must be able to handle the project from its earliest beginnings to its final changes.

General Contractors

From start to finish, from interpreting blueprints to hiring and instructing subcontractors, a general contractor plays a crucial role in many commercial and residential projects. They work with both the site owners/developers and the construction workers on the site. No matter whether it is a small or large site or it is to be a condominium in Madison WI or a factory in Portland ME, general contractors are there to ensure the project flows smoothly.

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